How to Start Your Own Greeting Card Jobber Business

You can start your own Greeting Card business, where you deliver greeting cards to store and keep their racks full. Some national stores have been built, just on the advertising of quality, and heart warm thoughts, and everything is picture perfect in commercials, to show you the name on the card is the quality name you can trust. Actually, the cards are very nice, but they are still made out of paper. There are many card shops out their now, that sell discount cards, but have super quality that is comparable to top brands, after all, it is just paper.

You can buy and sell greeting cards in all sorts of categories, like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, and many more occasions. You would buy your displays and cards from discount greeting card suppliers that are easily found through internet searches, or even the back of this book has some greeting card manufacturers and wholesalers. You could target all the mom and pop stores, corner stores, convenience stores, even the dollar stores you could keep provided.

You should give each store a floor display, you could require a deposit for the displays if you like, or let the store owner know that they are your displays, as long as he is a customer, you will let the store owner use it as long as you keep the account open. Most store owners do not have time to keep the cards up to date, Valentine's day, Mothers Day, Father's Day, etc. If you come in and give the store owner half price, and you can mark them up almost half price, you can make a good living with your own route of card racks.

If you can go into any retail store that sells greetings cards, and you can show your line of greeting cards would be cheaper than the line they are selling now, you could give your offer to the store owner and you can gain a lot of new stores and built up your route. Once you are delivering your greeting cards to stores, you can always add small novelties lines to go with your cards, like you are already selling to the stores, it's easier now to sell them new items also they may want to try and sell.

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